Sass Structure

Sass is a CSS pre-processor, the most mature, stable, and powerful professional grade CSS extension language in the world; adding features that allow variables, mixins, functions. Bootkit supports Sass.

Sass Files are found under build/sass

├── styles
│   ├── mixins/
│   └── *.scss
└── main.scss


In styles folder, you can remove whats not necessary and build yout own custom css.

Name Description
alerts.scss Bootstrap alert messages over-written classes
aside-right.scss Right sidebar related styles
button.scss Over-written classes and dropdown for bootstrap button
calendar.scss Calendar plugin
chart-rickshaw.scss Chart Rickshaw related
ckeditor.scss CkEditor over-written classes and ids
colors.scss Color helper classes
components.scss Components over-written classes, ex: i-check
dropdowns.scss User dropdown and Bootstrap dropdown over-written classes
forms.scss Bootstrap form element and wizard form over-written classes
invoice.scss Invoice related classes
labels.scss Color helper classes for label component (not form label tag)
layout.scss Main layout related classes. Includes header, footer, navbar, sidebar and responsive styles
login.scss Login (Signin) page related styles
mailbox.scss Mailbox app layout related styles.
mixins.scss Scss mixins (all mixins imported in this file)
navs.scss Navbar related styles
note.scss Note app layout styles
notifications.scss Notification box related styles
pager.scss Bootstrap pager over-written classes and custom styles
pagination.scss Bootstrap pagination over-written classes and custom styles
panels.scss Bootstrap panel over-written classes and custom styles
profile.scss Profile related classes and styles
select2.scss jQuery Select2 over-written classes
tabs.scss Bootstrap tabs over-written classes
tagsinput.scss Dynamic tag input over-written classes and custom styles
timeline.scss Timeline component related styles
timepicker.scss Bootstrap timepicker over-written classes and custom styles
toastr.scss Toastr over-written classes and custom styels
type.scss BooKit base typograhpy setup
upload.scss File upload over-written classes and custom styles
utilities.scss Utility (helper) class collection
variables.scss BootKit Scss variables
widgets.scss Widget related styles. Incudes high chart, spark line, nestable, short states etc